The list of subjects we offer tutoring in is constantly changing and expanding to cater to more students. If you do not see your desired subject here, feel free to apply anyway. We will either wait-list you, or be pleased to inform you that we have tutoring available, and were yet to add your desired subject(s) in the below categories. 

Group 1

Studies in Language and Literature 

English A: Literature SL/HL

English Language and Literature SL/HL 

French A: Literature SL

Group 4


Biology SL/HL

Chemistry SL/HL 

Physics SL/HL

Computer Science SL/HL

Design Technology SL/HL

MYP Science 

Group 2

Language Acquisition

French B SL/HL 

Chinese B SL 

Japanese B SL 

Spanish B SL

Italian Ab Initio SL 

Group 5


Mathematics AA SL/HL

Mathematics AI SL/HL

Mathematics SL/HL

Mathematics Studies

Group 3

 Individuals and Societies

Psychology SL/HL

Social & Cultural Anthropology SL/HL

Economics SL/HL

Business and Management SL/HL

MYP Individuals and Societies 

Group 6

The Arts

Theatre SL/HL

Visual Arts SL/HL 

Film SL