*All the policies are to be strictly followed*

Here at Luna Learning, we pride ourselves on being a respectful, beneficial, and safe learning platform. Before applying to work with Luna Learning, or to be tutored by a member of our team, please read the following policies and be sure you can abide by them. If you can not, your position can/will be revoked. 

  1. Luna Learning prohibits any attempts of academic dishonesty, our staff team strictly follows the IBO Academic Integrity Guidelines Failure to comply with academic integrity standards could results in a warning, waitlist, or ban from the Luna Learning community, whether you are a student, social media manager, tutor, moderator, or have any other respective role in the Luna Learning community

  2. You must be organised and on time when meeting with your tutor/student. A lateness of up to five minutes is excusable.

  3. You must be dressed appropriately when speaking with your tutor/student. 

  4. You must use appropriate language with your tutor/student and or team, no homophobic, sexist, racist, or other offensive language.  

  5. You must respect the boundaries of your tutor/student, for example, if a student/tutor can only attend a 30 minute lesson instead of a one hour one, you must respect this request and not be demanding. 

  6. You must not lie about your identity or catfish. The information you provide in the form(s) must be correct and true. 

  7. If you are a student, you must be either in the MYP, Pre IB or in year 1 or 2 of the IB. We currently only tutor those related to the IB curriculum, however, this may change in the future. 

  8. If you are a student and have been sent an email with your tutor's contact details from the Luna Learning team, you have three days to message your tutor. If you do not message them in three days your tutor can wait-list you. We do not want other students to miss out on opportunities. 

  9. If you are applying for a tutor role: you must not lie about your achieved/predicted grade, if you arouse suspicion or your tutoring does not seem to be on par with your alleged grade, your position could be revoked.

  10. If you are applying for a tutor role you must check your Discord and Email account(s) at least once daily. Other staff members must check the Luna Learning Discord at least once daily.

  11. Please note that 21 years of age is the oldest you can be when/if applying to join our team. 

  12. If you are applying to become a social media manager, be aware that you must be respectful of all people on the Discord server, and on our social media platform(s). This includes being culturally sensitive, open minded, polite, and available on Discord. 

  13. Failure to comply with our policies could result in a warning, wait-listing, or ban from our community. 

  14. Here at Luna Learning we hope all of our members feel safe, included, and respected. Anything less will jeopardise your position. 

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