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Our Mission.

We are a Non-Profit Internationally Student-led free tutoring service for International Baccalaureate students. 

We aim to assist students in their learning whilst expanding and connecting the global community. Facilitating friendships and assisting students from every part of the world! We believe that every student should have access to free educational assistance. We hope to assist you in your educational endeavors and in achieving your academic goals. 


Behind the name.

Our service is called 'Luna Learning' because our founder has a dog called 'Luna', but the name 'Luna Learning' also has a double meaning. In these unknown and unprecedented times, students may be searching for support and a light, Luna, and the name's association with the moon, represents how the moon illuminates everyone everywhere in the world at night, in a dark time. Luna learning brings these people together and aims to support them academically, and mentally. 


What we do



Piggy Bank


Here at Luna Learning, we offer lessons on a one off basis, if you would like more lessons, you will need to discuss this with your tutor(s). We hope to keep things fun for our tutors and students, so neither feel as if Luna Learning is a chore, but rather an opportunity. 

Eden, the founder of Luna Learning, aims to ensure that financially disadvantaged students receive the academic support they may require. The COVID-19 pandemic caused Eden to reflect on the opportunities (or lack of opportunities) students are given internationally, and discover the resources she could distribute to assist others. Eden loves the representation of international like-mindedness of the student Luna Learning employee team and its diversity. 

Here at Luna Learning, we pride ourselves on being a free tutoring service, however, we would like to encourage donations to organisations we are passionate about. 

Donate any amount to either of the organisations below and email us evidence for a chance to feature on our                    !